Development Halted 40%

The projekt:  GoodBad? 


A small synopsis:

In this game everything you do has consequences, good or bad.   You start each day beside your bed and the day begins, the day runs from 6 in the morning to 4 at night, if you go to bed earlier than 4 at night you always wake up at 6 the next morning.   During the day everything you do has a value ,good or bad so do good get good points and bad for bad points..

For example:

You can grow drug plants but that gives you bad points, and you can grow tulips and that gives you good points.  You can throw trash everywhere you want and that gives you bad points and you can clean up the streets and that gives you good points.  And so on…

All suggestions I welcome to make this game as good as it can get..

Although there is a lot of months ahead before I can present an alpha..